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Beyond Real Estate 101

Unlike some competitors, we conduct training in a physical classroom, not online.  Learning face-to-face allows students to interact with our instructors.  You can ask questions directly and get answers complete with life experiences and details on the spot.  The intellectual rapport developed in a classroom helps you better absorb and understand the details of each lesson.

Seasoned Instructors

Four highly experienced instructors with more than 40 years of combined experience conduct the classes, covering both commercial and residential real estate training.

Flexible Class Schedules

Principal Brokers can schedule in-house customized training classes for continuing education and post-licensing.  Our real estate training school adjusts class schedules as demanded by the trends and changes in the industry.  Therefore, we make it a point to customize classes based on these occurrences or our students' needs.  Usually, we conduct 10-hour days for both Pre-license and Post-license courses.  Continuing education classes range from 3 to 7 hours per day.  All the necessary learning materials are provided.  Sign up and get your Real Estate Career started today.

Class Details

We hold classes once or twice a month.  Students are advised to register two to three weeks in advance as class sizes are limited.  Each pre-licensing class has a minimum of five students and continuing education classes have a minimum of ten students.  However, to address the needs of our students, we try to accommodate the class size whenever possible.  In general, all real estate licensees in the state are required to take seven hours of continuing education annually.  To maximize your learning benefits, sign up for our special programs.